STEM Education & The Future

Currently in America, jobs are going vacant due to the lack of a proper STEM backgrounds to fill them. This is unfortunate, not only for people entering the workforce, but because these are the jobs that are desperately needed. In order to change the predicament we have found ourselves in, we need to make some serious changes.

Changing the Game

There is a simple answer to solve this problem, but it is not all that simple to implement. We need to start investing and throwing more weight behind STEM education to increase interest and knowledge at an early age. Increasing an understand and demystifying STEM based courses will rejuvenate the student population and draw them towards the careers that are desperately in need.

Economic Advantages

Careers that require a background in STEM are often high paying, blue collar jobs. If we invest in the youth and their access to the proper education, we are also investing in our economic future. The United States needs highly skilled people to take on these jobs in order to propel us further as a nation.

Public & Private Sector Cooperation

This is not an issue that the government can solve alone. The private sector needs to ban together to help push awareness and funding. The private sector has a large incentive to do so. If they are unable to fill jobs, they will be unable to continue running their companies. This is not a good thing for the public or private sector. With aligned interests, we need an aligned plan.

What can be done?

There are a few main ways we can look to change the current climate surrounding STEM. Most of the ways revolve around education and awareness. To make an impact we need to take a hard look at furthering education for our current teachers. We need teachers with mastery and the ability to motivate students. Without those things, our students do not stand a chance.

We also cannot disregard our future teachers! There needs to be more emphasis places on their education as well. The better equipped our new teachers are, they better equipped their future students will be.