Study Tips

Studying is a vital part of every student’s education. Unfortunately, there are too many young learners who have not developed the study habits necessary for a long, successful education. No matter how far along your education is, it’s never too late to pick up good habits. Proper, effective studying can make all the difference between passing and failing. Check out the list below of study tips and see if you can put any of them to the test.

Set Goals

Start every study session with a goal. What are you looking to achieve during this time? Remember, pick goals that are only manageable with the time you have. If you end up picking a lofty, out-of-reach goal, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You are not going to understand everything about chemistry in a night, so don’t make that your goal. Set small incremental goals so you can mark your progress as you go.

Have a Plan

Once you have set out what you want to achieve, you need to have a plan of how to achieve it. Devise a plan that will best suit your needs and learning styles. If flash cards aren’t for you, but rewriting notes is, then plan to rewrite lecture notes for a whole hour. You can also plan out what you need to accomplish as soon as the test is announced. Assess how much time you need to dedicate to studying and then follow through with the plan.

Don’t Forget Including Breaks

Believe it or not, breaks are key to study success. By taking a 5-minute break every few hours recharges the mind, gives your body a second to stretch out, and keeps you from burning out too fast. It’s okay to put the books down for a few minutes, as long as it doesn’t get put down completely. Taking your breaks around completed tasks gives you something to look forward to and work towards. The harder you work, the faster you get to a little breather.

Grab a Buddy

There’s nothing that says accountability more than the buddy system. If you have a study pal that you designate an hour with each week, you’re more inclined to actually show up because someone else is counting on you. Study buddies can also help each other stay on track. If either of you notice the other becoming distracted, you can reel them back it. It’s good to have that extra push sometimes. So what are you waiting for? Grab a buddy and start studying.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, location is everything when it comes to your studies. Some people need absolute silence while others thrive off of some background noise. No matter what your preference is, scope out spots at school, at home, or in your community. All that’s left to do after you find a spot, is to get to work!