Top 5 Apps for Classroom Success

As technology is rapidly growing, and generation Y swiftly moves into the fields of education, it’s time to utilize our technology resources and focus on better education. If you read my last article, you already know that one of the most important ways for student success is the three way communication between parents, students, and teachers. Generation Z is the first group of individuals born into a time where technology is the ultimate form of quick communication. Because of this, there is a shift in the way teachers are educating. Utilizing apps and websites to create communities of communication and understanding is an important way of achieving classroom success as a whole. Here are some apps to consider implementing at your school for gaining threeway communication in school and outside of the classroom.


No more excuses for “my dog ate my homework!” Edmodo is the digital classroom, you’ve always wanted. The app allows you to upload assignments, notes, grades, events and reminders. Students are able to use the app to do their homework, even when they’re sick, and parents are able to keep up to date with what’s going on in the classroom. The app allows for contribution to discussions and learning outside of the classroom through a digital platform. Students and parents are able to locate and update any information such as lost class notes or important parent papers. Edmodo is great and easy to use because it can be synced and downloaded with Microsoft and Google, so the app can be used on a phone, tablet or computer.
Mastery Connect

Although Mastery Connect may seem like a mind-reading genius app, it’s not. However, it sure acts like one! Mastery Connect allows you to see where your students are struggling in their learning curriculum by monitoring student performance. Through this application, students are able to receive additional help and understanding, while parents and administrators are aware. The app also allows for assignments and any additional resourceful material to be shared. Teachers are also able to be apart of a learning community to enhance their learning curriculum to better student success.


Buzzmob is also a great tool to stay connected during and outside of the school and classroom. The app allows parents and students to stay connected within a portal platform where they can see events, assignments, and updates. The app also sends out emergency notifications and updates to upcoming assignments and happenings. Parents, teachers, and students are able to connect and communicate with one another, while setting up group chats, sharing ideas and sharing pictures and videos.


Facebook during class time? You bet. Classdojo is the social networking platform you’re dying to use for quick, effective communication and updates. The app allows you to share updates on behavior and learning productivity with parents and students. Your class is able to set learning curriculum goals and accomplishments. The app is also fun for children as well, as each user can create a customized avatar. Parents and teachers are able to send questions and concerns with quick communication and feedback. The platform enhances student success by engaging parents, students, and teachers together.


Schoology has amended the fine line between learning and assessment. The app offers for students and teachers to engage in learning opportunities together, while being assessed to reach educational standards through various coursework. This allows teachers to understand where students’ weaknesses are and work together to improve overall student success.